Wine Cellar

The barrel room can be found at the very heart of the Cantina Pieve Vecchia. An arched space filled with the silence of wines at rest, and the warm aroma of the wood ageing barrels. There is a delicate play of light along the walls, shifting from shades of red to yellow to green. A symphony of light that represents the spectrum of luminosity found in our wines. The cellar of the Cantina Pieve Vecchia is far more than just a place to store wine, it embodies the passion from which our wine is born and grows; a passion we wish to share with our guests.  Join us for a tour and learn about the magic of aging, the alchemy between wood and wine.

Choose the barrel room as the location for your own private event.  If you’re looking for venue that will leave your guests wide-eyed in amazement, this is it.