Cantina Pieve Vecchia has been designed as a multi-functioning environment.  It serves as the central point for the constellation of activity around the timeless process of winemaking, a meeting space, a venue for education, hospitality and entertainment.

The young architect Enrico Sartori worked closely with winemaker Ugo Pagliai, the agriculturist Luca Ricciardi and the industrial designer Maurizio Grassi in order to plan the underground part of the cantina, dedicated to vinification, aging, and storage. The result is a structure in which all the demands of production are met, and in which the construction itself is an essential tool of vinification.

Next the famous architect and designer Cini Boeri planned the above ground spaces, helping to create an open and refined environment integrated into the larger territorial context, a structure which exists in harmony with the surrounding landscape. With its large windows and vaulted roof shape, the Cantina unites the open sky and the rolling hills of the Maremma, removing the boundaries between the inner and outer environments. The structure is welcoming; it stands as an invitation to enter into our world, to be a part of the experience or to create one of your own.

These spaces embody the philosophy of Cantina Pieve Vecchia.  They valorize the work among the vines and in the cellar, they nurture the quality products we strive to create and encourage the goal of enriching the surrounding land. Above all they provide a place to celebrate and share these values with you.