The tranquility of Campagnatico, the beauty of the Maremma and the history of the Pieve Vecchia itself, the land as it was, is and will be.

The vitality that characterizes this land is evident each day at the cantina, it is in the vines that surround us, and in the people that strive to capture and enclose all this in our wines. This land, this place, it is the heart of our production.

Our goal is to make wines that are the children of their terrain, capable of mirroring the many facets of such a rich and complex territory.

The Cantina Pieve Vecchia is situated in the DOC region of Montecucco, a strip of land containing a constellation of small towns, including Cinigiano, Campagnatico, and Castel del Piano.

This Maremma territory around Grosseto is a Mediterranean area particularly well-suited to the cultivation of grapes; today dozens of wine producers, like us, have been inspired to work in the direction of excellence. Though the appellation is young, regulated in 1998, the land has been home to viticulture since the Etruscans. It is with a sense of responsibility to honor this tradition and the land that winemaker Ugo Pagliai and agriculturist Luca Ricciardi work day after day.

After the careful and selective harvest of our grapes, the vinification process begins immediately with the de-stemming  and pressing of the berries.  The cantina has been designed to utilize gravity in the gentle distribution of the grape mass without the use of pumps, moving directly into the vats.

Fermentation is temperature controlled to guarantee a homogenous and constant development, and  to obtain the perfect extraction of color, primary aromas, polyphenols and tannins, the integral elements of  our quality wine.

Our aging cellar is where several of our wines reach their full maturity, preserving and exalting the optimum synergy between grape and terrain. The cellar is composed of the 550 liter oak casks of Slavonia and Allier, as well as 35 to 50 hectoliter oak barrels from Slavonia.

As the vineyard continues to mature our full production potential will reach 250,000 bottles a year, divided among our various wines. Currently production potential of the cantina is at 500.000 bottles.